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Welcome to Urban Naturals
Check out our new Herbal Teas! Beautiful organic or wild crafted herbs picked at the height of perfection!
Hand crafted medicinal tinctures are now available with more to come!
New Rose Hip Oil soap & essential oil lip balms. A must have as cooler weather approaches!
Take a look at our "Mommy's Herbal Emergency Kit." Perfect for any household with children. Quick remedies for everything from earaches, to pink eye, to ear infections! No home with children should be without this kit!
*FREE* samples of new products with every order!

Urban Naturals is now offering services in health & wellness! I am offering holistic Nutritional Consultations & Master Herbalist consults. Whether you are dealing with cancer & need botanical, nutritional, & supplement support & advice or you are trying to find a way to combat diabetes or simply need assistance tweaking your diet for optimal health, I have the knowledge & training to help balance health issues of all sorts. If you need guidance on combating headaches, PMS, infections, colds, flu, I can provide you with the information you need for herb types, amounts to take, vitamin/drug/herb interactions & more. Stay tuned as I complete my Holistic Healthcare Practitioner certification and move one step closer to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor!

Coming soon! Emergency Herbal Medicine Kit: We will be offering several different salves & 1/2oz. tinctures for sale in a travel pouch with instructions on action to take in case of emergencies such as: bug bites/stings, food poisoning/upset stomach, headache, sunburn, poison ivy/sumac/oak, colds/flu, & more! Perfect size for carry on baggage during flights & small enough to go wherever you do! Don't leave home without it! (1 oz. tinctures are available in the "Tincture" section)

Herbal Teas are now available! These blends are time tested by personal use, friends, & family. Whether you are having trouble resting in the evening, need an after dinner digestive aid, are fighting a cold, need to reduce a child's fever, a nursing mother trying to increase milk supply naturally, or want a nutritious pregnancy tea; we have exactly what you need! Each 2oz tea order will make approximately 40-50 cups of tea & arrive with a reusable muslin bag (made in the USA)! Do you need a tea specifically designed for you? Just send us an email! We know you'll love them as much as we do!

We have a big announcement! We are revamping our line of soaps! In an effort to become even more environmentally & personal health friendly, we are doing away with many of our "scented" and "flavored" soaps and lip balms. We will only be carrying a select number of our customer favorites! We will be focusing more on organic oils and essential oil blends for therapeutic purposes. If you have a favorite you would like to see us keep, send us an email! We hope you will love our new direction as much as we do!

Why Urban? Because we are "homesteaders" in the city.

Why Natural? Because it's what we believe in.

Commercial "soap" is simply detergent in disguise. It's hard on the skin, causes dryness, and leaves an invisible film on your entire body!!!

Our soap is different. We use all natural oils such as coconut, almond, sunflower, safflower, olive, & avocado in traditional cold process method to create healthy, nourishing bars of soap. Skin conditioning oils and butters or milk are added at trace, along with Vitamin E, fresh honey, and essential oils for intoxicating, relaxing, and comforting scents. For particular soaps, exfoliating ingredients are added (oatmeal & almonds just to name two). Herbs, spices, and dried flowers are added for beauty and natural scent. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible and available. If fragrance oils are added, it will be clearly marked so those with sensitive skin can try them with full knowledge of the ingredients. We are committed to making our soap as natural as possible! Even our bars with fragrance do not contain phthalates!

It has been reported by some that after continued use of hand made soaps, they no longer needed the lotion that they faithfully applied following each and every shower!

If kept in a well drained area following each use, most hand made soap lasts longer than commercial soaps by many weeks. Most bars will weigh approximately 4.5 oz!

As other products and recipes are developed in our kitchen, they will be added to our page, so stay tuned!

Samples are available! Check out the Sample Bundle available on the Baskets and Bundles page.

Try our soaps. Feel the difference.

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